Erik Louw

Most of the aikido students in the Netherlands are influenced one way or another by Erik Louw sensei (link).

Erik Louw studied among others under Fujita sensei, Chiba sensei and Yokota sensei.

Erik’s style was very energetic and dynamic and the influences of these three sensei were visible in his application of techniques.

Past seminar in december 2022 with Malte

The participants of this seminar were in many cases direct students of Erik Louw and some were students of his former students. It seemed as if Malte Stokhof chose to work on forms and applications in a way that would invoke Erik’s energy and memory.

For two hours we were thrown, locked, hit, and kicked in ways that felt so familiar to us. His energy and the tempo pushed some of us to our limits. Others had flashbacks to sessions we had enjoyed in the past with Erik Louw, pleasurable, tiring, safe but always with danger around the corner.

Beginners had a glimpse of what lay in store for them in the future. Those of us with more experience received a kind of fine tuning to our way of executing techniques both as uke and as tori. The seminar was a combination of physical exertion, fast-moving meditation, and martial applications both extremely effective and logical. We stepped out of the dojo into the Dutch winter tired, excited and hungry for more.

Upcoming seminar


Chu Shin dojo is run by Niek Remkes, 6th dan aikikai and shidoin Thomas Huijgen 3rd dan aikikai and menkyo Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto Ryu (Shinbukan Dojo). Niek, Malte and Thomas know each other well, because all three of them were students of Erik Louw and Otake sensei until these sensei passed away. This history bound them together.

Malte Stokhof 5th dan aikikai has a dojo (Katori Vietnam) in Vietnam since 2012 teaching both aikido and kenjutsu. For years, he worked closely with Erik Louw bringing him to Vietnam for aikido seminars twice yearly. After Erik Louw passed away Niek Remkes continues to support Malte Stokhof with his aikido practice. Malte and Thomas cooperate in the field of aikido and kenjutsu through staff exchange, training together and by visits to various dojos in Japan. Dutch students often visit kenjutsu seminars in Vietnam (Vietnam seminars). In the past 5 years Malte has taught repeatedly at Chushin dojo (link).

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