December 2022, Chu Shin dojo organized the 7th Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto Ryu seminar headed by Malte Stokhof

During this international kenjutsu seminar we were pleased to welcome 4 menkyo and 7 shidosha with a total of 45 participants from 9 different countries.

Malte Stokhof made four separate groups with a menkyo supporting each group. The menkyo, shidosha and shidoin from different dojos took leading roles in the training sessions.

Training sessions lasted three hours and included sword, staff, glaive and advanced techniques.

Chushin dojo had arranged ample training space so all participants could be on the floor continuously. With the support of so many high-level students everyone felt personally looked after. Students from France, Turkey, Belgium, Latvia, and other countries all communicated with each other in a way proscribed in traditional martial arts; polite and respectfully. While at the same time attempting their utmost to kill each other.

Maybe it was because this was the first seminar after the Covid lockdown. Maybe it was because of the high number of capable leaders present. Maybe it was the organization. Whatever it was, all participants were extremely focused and active. It seemed as if everyone understood that what we all shared, this 600-year martial tradition is very fragile and could easily be lost. For martial arts to exist, they need to be nourished through daily training, hard work over many years. A few weeks without training sets one back a few months. The Covid lockdown may have made that clear to us.

This renewed feeling of appreciation was tangible. Appreciation for the Tradition, for our sensei Otake Risuke and Otake Nobutoshi and for each other. People worked on and on trying to remember new forms or polishing things they had been doing for decades. At the end of every session participants had to be called repeatedly to stop their training. At the end of every session the menkyo and shidosha would share their impressions and advice with the participants.

We ended our three days together with a wonderful dinner and some much-needed DUTCH brandy. We thank all participants for their efforts and support for this seminar.

We organize the next seminar with Malte Stokhof the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of April in Amsterdam. Feel free to contact us here if you are interested.

For the last 5 years Chu Shin dojo has worked closely with Shobukan dojo Vietnam. We visited their kenjutsu seminars organized in Vietnam headed by Otake sensei. We coordinate our visits to other countries so that we can train together and we organize seminars in The Netherlands together.

Menkyo 4
Shidosha shidoin 7
45 participants

Shidosha’s present at the seminar (and their websites).

Foto’s made by Isshogai Damyo

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